Block of the Month

Shipping is included in the price of our block of the month. Some Block of the Month projects require an additional option for month 1 essentials.

If you are starting a Block of the Month after it has already begun, there will be additional prorated charge to pay the month or months you have missed.

If your address or credit card changes, please contact the shop by phone at 951 304 9787 to let us know. This will enable continued shipments of the Block of the Month to you.



2018 SBOW


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2017 Block-of-the-Week: Block Heads


2017 Summer Block of the Week


Among Friends


Among Friends B.O.M


Bristle Creek B.O.M

$96.00 - $372.00

Getting to Know Hue


Kim Diehl B.O.M

$180.00 - $285.00

Liberty Gatherings


My Fussy Cut Fantasy

$15.00 - $198.00

Star Spangled Liberty B.O.M


Star Studded Event

$45.00 - $209.00

Tomorrow's Flowers


Twilight Garden