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Square Deal - Summer Block of the Week

Square Deal:

This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (951) 304-9787 for more information.



This is a 12 week commitment, and will start to ship June 10.


Our Pieced SBOW is called Square Dealand will be complete at a very beautiful 85”x 85”. This quilt is based on an amazing quilt that Lisa purchased a couple years ago in hopes of recreating it and patterning this stunning quilt.  We will be going with the same kind of warm feel for our quilt, as this is what drew us to the quilt in the first place.  There will be no bright, or in your face colors; they will be more toned down.  We have used the Muslin 1040-23, which is one of Lisa’s Muslins for the setting blocks, which you will receive as part of your Essential package in Week 1. 

Pricing: Shipping included (wi tax will be added)

Essentials: $ 61.00 (5 yards of 1040-23)

Per Week:$ 20.50 ($ 17.50 + $ 3.00 Shipping) (Pick up only)

Paying Monthly:$ 82.00 (For 3 months)

Pay In Full:$ 286.50 (1 week FREE and includes the price of the Essentials)

7 yards Backing Fabric:$ 68.80 

Supply Kit:$ 35.00


What do you receive each week?

Each week you will receive 24-lights and 48-dark fabrics in your kit, and will make 48 blocks.  Which means you will be doing a total of 576-2 ½” Finished blocks! Potentially that means that there will be more than 800 different fabrics in your kits! Your Essentials in week 1 will be the 5 yards of Muslin 1040-23, which will be used for your setting blocks.  There will be NO Finishing Kit needed for this quilt; you will have everything you need to finish this quilt minus the Backing Fabric, as that is optional.

Supply Kit

Our Supply Kits are helpful notions that you might need to help with your Summer Block of the Week journey.  This year your Supply Kit (if you choose to purchase it) will include: 

  •       Canvas Zipper Pouch (10x11) 
  •       Silk Pins 
  •       Mini Seam Ripper 
  •       6x8 Olfa Cutting Mat (perfect for trimming blocks while sitting at sewing table)
  •       Spool of 2370 
  •       Pocket Power Snips 

Regular price for these items would normally be $ 43.54 plus shipping. We are offering it to you at a discounted price of $ 35.00 including shipping.  


Helpful Hint: For squaring up your blocks we strongly encourage you to use the Itty Bitty Eighths Ruler in either the 3”x7” or 6”x6”, they are perfect for the size blocks you are making.  We did not include them this Supply Kit as we have put them in Supply Kits in the past. 

Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 7 yards of backing fabricto complete your quilt. If you would like to purchase it from us we are extending a 30% discounton your backing fabric. Which means that instead of paying $ 84.00 plus shipping, you will only be charged $ 66.80 and that includes shipping! Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you!