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Guess what?  We have 2 versions of this SBOW as well! We have a Contemporary and a “controlled” Scrappy version.  Both of these versions will be on a white flannel background F1040-74, Lisa is going to be using a Homespun on the back of her quilt so we are going to be offering that as an option if you would like to purchase backing with us. 

There will be 12 weeks total for Wildflower Garden, weeks 1-10 you will receive 2-10” finished blocks to stitch.  Weeks 11 and 12 you will be receiving the 2 borders each, meaning that there will be NO finishing kit! Finishes 60x70

We do have thread kits available, however, right now we only know the first few blocks of the scrappy version done.  So all we are offering for the Scrappy Version is the green thread that will be used for the stems and the leaves.  We will release the rest of the threads as soon as we know what they are. The Contemporary version we have all of the threads available for you to order at once.  This does not mean that Lisa might throw one or two out there that she is using, the quilt is not done so you know she might add one or two more that she believes is needed.  

Wildflower Garden will not be shipping until the end of July.  We are waiting on the fabric to come in from Moda, and we are also in the midst of moving.  This gives us a little time to get everything set before we have to start shipping.   

Pricing: Shipping included

Essentials: $60.00 (this is separate from the weekly amount, this is for your “setting” squares)

Per Week: $24 ($20.00 (Pick up only)+ $4.00 Shipping)  Paying Monthly: $96.00 ($96-3 times  july, august, september)

Pay In Full: $264.00 (one week FREE)

4 yards Backing Fabric: $43.00

Thread Kit:

Contemporary: $33.00


811 or 0532

31 or 031 or 891 or JP12


178 or 139









Scrappy: $16.50 (threads for leaves and stems only)



0560 or H202



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